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Atrazine Use Strategies To Protect Surface Water Quality

Janssen, Cheri, Whitford, Fred

Today's farmers are asked to produce high quality, low-cost food, fiber, and meat without disrupting the environment. In some areas, EPA, USDA, and state agricultural and environmental agencies are asking the agricultural community to reduce off-site movement of atrazine into surface water to ensure its continued availability.

Current Status: Approved
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  • 1. Describe why atrazine is a threat to water quality.
  • 2. List products that contain atrazine.
  • 3. Outline the EPA’s atrazine monitoring program.
  • 4. Describe factors that affect atrazine movement.
  • 5. Describe atrazine label requirements that relate to environmental protection.
  • 6. Describe weed management strategies to minimize the amount of atrazine leaving a field.
  • 7. List programs that offer assistance to farmers in meeting environmental goals.
Education Area Soil and Water Management